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FR M. Diggo I put a spell on you Polydor 2056721 EX/EX 1,00
FR MacNeal, Maggie Nothing else to do Warner Bros 16.581 VG/VG 1,00
NL MacNeal, Maggie Ooh! Warner Bross WBN 17.365 EX/EX 1,00
NL MacNeal, Maggie When you're gone Warner Bros 16632 P/EX 1,00
DU Madness Wings of a dove Stiff Records 6.13 929 VG/VG 2,50
DU Madonna Open your heart Sire 928 508-7 EX/EX 2,00
NL Massara, Pino Margherita Fleet 101.109 EX/EX 1,00
NL Mccartney, Paul Ebony and ivory EMI 1A 006-64749 Written on sleeve VG/EX 1,00
DU Mcdonald, Michael Sweet freedom MCA 259 605-7 EX/VG 1,00
DU Mclean, Penny Lady bump Jupiter Records 16069AT EX/EX 1,00
NL Medeiros Glenn & Ria Love always finds a reason Mercury 827 706-7 Sticker on sleeve VG/EX 1,00
NL Men at Work Down under CBS CBSA 2066 EX/EX 1,00
NL Michael, George careless whisper Epic A4603 EX/EX 1,00
NL Michael, george I want your sex Epic EPC 650783 7 VG/EX 1,00
NL Middle of the road Kailakee kailako RCA 74-16338 Little hole in sleeve VG/EX 1,00
NL Miles, John Music Decca 6103 096 VG/EX 1,00
NL Milk & Honey Electric money Chrysalis 6017 135 Written on sleeve VG/EX 0,40
DU Miller, Ray Antoinette Columbia 1C006-28 017 VG/VG 1,00
NL Minogue, Kylie Tears on my pillow PWL Records PWS 007 EX/EX 2,00
NL Minogue, Kylie Better the devil you know PWL Records PWS 018 EX/EX 2,00
DU Modern Talking Brother Louie Hansa 107 912 EX/EX 1,00
DU Modern Talking You can win if you want Hansa 107 280-100 Special single remix EX/EX 2,00
DU Modern Talking Geronimo's Cadillac Hansa 10 8620-100 EX/EX 1,00
DU Modern Talking Cheri, cheri lady Hansa 107 670-100 EX/EX 1,00
DU Modern Talking You're my heart, you're my soul HANSA 106 884 Written on sleeve G/VG 1,00
?? Mr. Mister Is it love RCA PB 49861 Sticker on sleeve VG/EX 0,40
NL MUD Show me you're a woman Philips 6078 451 VG/EX 1,00
NL MUD Nite on the tiles Philips 6078 456 Sticker on back VG/EX 1,00
NL MUD My love is you're love Philips 6078 450 G/EX 0,40
UK MUD The secrets that you keep EMI RAK 4C006. 96249 VG/EX 1,00
NL MUD The cat crept in RAK 5C 006-95342 VG/VG 1,00
NL MUD Rocket EMI RAK 4C006. 95707 Written on sleeve VG/EX 1,00