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USA A call to irons 2 A tribute to Iron Maiden Dwell Records DWELL CD-1013 EX/EX 5,00
FR AC/DC Live Atco 7567-92215 2 PL Live EX/EX 7,00
DU Accept Eat the heat RCA PD74083 EX/EX 5,00
Accomplice Accomplice Adrenaline Records ADR00012 Promo, cardboard sleeve M/M 4,00
FR Adams, Bryan Reckless A&M Records 395013-2 EX/EX 5,00
Adams, Bryan So far so good A&M Records 540 157-2 EX/EX 6,00
DU Aeba Im schattenreich... Last episode LEP 024 EX/EX 7,00
DU Agathodaimon Blacken the angel Nuclear Blast NB 298-2 EX/EX 6,00
PL Aion Reconciliation Metal Mind Records 2000 MMP CD 0109 DG EX/EX 5,00
Amorphis The legend of the kanteletar Relapse Records EX/EX 6,00
DU Amorphis Tuonela Relapse Records NB 382-2 Promo, cardboard sleeve M/M 4,00
EEC Angelripper, Tom Ein schoner tag GUN Records 74321 28847 2 EX/EX 6,00
DU Anthrax Attack of the killer b's Island 261732 EX/EX 7,00
DU Ancient The hall of eternity Metal Blade Records 3984-14201-2 Promo, cardboard sleeve M/M 5,00
DU Aversion The ugly truth SPV 084-36152 EX/EX 5,00
DU Axel Rudi Pell Nasty reputation Steam Hammer SPV 084-76342 EX/EX 7,00
DU Axel Rudi Pell Wild obsession Steam Hammer SPV 84-7610 EX/EX 7,00
Aztec Jade Paradise lost Adrenaline Records ADR00011 Promo cd, cardsleeve M/M 4,50