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DU Malmsteen, Yngwie The Yngwie Malmsteen collection Polydor 849 271-2 EX/EX 5,00
DU Manowar The triumph of steel Atlantic 7567-82423-2 PL EX/EX 7,50
E.C. Manowar Louder than hell Geffen Records GED 24925 EX/EX 7,50
U.K. Marillion Script for a jester's tear EMI CDP 7 46237 2 EX/EX 10,00
U.K. Marillion B' sides themselves EMI CDP 7 48807 2 EX/EX 8,00
U.K. Marillion Seasons end EMI CDP 7 92877 2 EX/EX 8,00
NL Marillion Brave EMI 7243 8 28032 2 5 EX/EX 7,00
U.K. Marillion Essential collection EMI CDP GOLD 1058 EX/EX 7,00
NL Marillion Kayleigh Disky DC 867182 EX/EX 6,00
Mercyful Fate The live oath Live CD EX/EX 11,00
LUX. Metallica Posers can't headbang Flashback FLASH 02.92.0177 2 CD Live New Orleans 18/1/1992 EX/EX 15,00
DU Minen Anti-Genesis Connected LEP 023 Promo cd, cardsleeve M/M 4,00
DU Monster Magnet Monster Magnet Glitterhouse Records GRCD 123 EX/EX 6,00
DU Monster Magnet 25 Tab Glitterhouse Records GRCD 158 EX/EX 4,00
Moore, Gary Victims of the future Virgin DIXCD 2 EX/EX 5,00
NL Moore, Gary Run for cover IO Records DIXCD 16 EX/EX 4,00
NL Moore, Gary Wild frontier IO Records DIXCD 56 EX/EX 5,00
Moore, Gary After the war Virgin CDV 2575 EX/EX 5,00
Morgion Solinari Relapse Records M/M 4,50
Motorhead Plugged in! Cedar GFS 073 Live EX/EX 6,50