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DU Malmsteen, Yngwie Trilogy Polydor 831 073-1 VG/VG 4,50
DU Malmsteen, Yngwie Marching out Polydor 825 733 VG/VG 4,50
EEC Manowar Battle Hymns Libery 1C 038-15 7630 price sticker on front, cover still sealed EX/EX 7,50
DU Manowar Sign of the hammer Virgin 206 639 EX/EX 8,50
Marduk La grande danse macabre Regain Records BLOODLP 008 M/M 12,50
Marduk World funeral Regain Records BLOODLP 012 M/M 17,00
EEC Massacre From beyond Earache Records MOSH 27 EX/EX 17,00
EEC Massacre Corpse grinder Headache Records HR - 012 Red vinyl, Live in Brandon 20/12/1986 EX/EX 17,50
DU Master On the seventh day God created Master Nuclear Blast NB 054 PD Picturedisc -/EX 7,00
FR Mayhem Burned alive Black Dragon Records Partx 92.756 EX/EX 16,00
U.K. Mayhem Wolf's lair abyss Misanthropy Records 5-028563243219 EX/EX 16,00
Mayhem Grand Declaration of war part III Season of mist SOM027-2 EX/EX 16,00
U.K. Megadeath Peace sells..But who's buying Capitol EST 2022 EX/EX 8,00
EEC Megadeath I kill... for thrills Taifun records 395 000-1 Live at Denver, Colorado 29/1/1986 EX/EX 15,00
EEC Megadeath So far, so good...So what! Capitol 1C 064-7 48148 1 EX/EX 8,00
EEC Megadeath Rust in peace Capitol 064-7 91935 1 EX/EX 7,00
NL Mercyful Fate Melissa Roadrunner RR 9898 VG/VG 10,00
USA Mercyful Fate Don't break the oath Combat MX 8011 EX/EX 10,00
USA Mercyful Fate The beginning Roadracer RR 9603 Little hole in cover F/VG 7,00
Mercyful Fate Curse of the pharaohs Live EX/EX 45,00
Mercyful Fate From the depth of hell Live EX/EX 45,00
KOR Metal Church The human factor Epic CPL-1169 EX/EX 8,00
Metallica Kill 'em all Music For Nations MFN 7P Picturedisc -/EX 18,00
DU Metallica Ride the lightning Roadrunner R 9848 VG/VG 8,00
U.K. Metallica Master of puppets Music for Nations RR 9717 VG/EX 11,00
JAP Metallica And justice for all CBS Sony 25AP 5179 EX/EX 20,00
NL Metallica And justice for all Vertigo 836062-1 2 LP VG/VG 9,00
?? Metallica Angels from hell Metal Mess NMR 9205 EX/EX 20,00
U.K. Morbid Angel Blessed are the sick Earache MOSH 31 EX/EX 17,50
U.K. Morbid Angel Altars of madness Earache MOSH 11 EX/EX 17,50
DU Morgoth Cursed Century media 08 9719-1 RH Written on back EX/EX 7,50
DU Motley Crüe Too fast for love Elektra K 52 425 VG/VG 5,00
Motley Crüe Shout at the devil Elektra 96-0289-1 EX/EX 6,00
Motley Crüe Girls girls girls Elektra 60725 VG/VG 6,00
DU Motörhead Overkill Bronze 200 435 A VG/VG 7,00
JAP Motörhead Ace of spades Bronze VIP-6751 With OBI and insert M/M 24,00
DU Motörhead No sleep 'til Hammersmith Bronze 203 801 EX/EX 6,00
DU Motörhead Another perfect day Bronze 205 487 EX/EX 8,00
DU Motörhead What's words worth? Astan Music PD 20041 Picturedisc, Live 18/2/1978 -/EX 16,00
NL Motörhead Rock 'n' roll Roadrunner Records RR 9594 EX/EX 7,00
NL Motörhead 1916 Epic 467481 1 EX/EX 7,50