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NL Abbot, Gregory I got the feeling (it's over) 2,50
NL Abbot, Gregory Shake you down 2.00
NL AC/DC Let there be rock 4,50
U.K. Asap Silver and gold 5,00
DU B.E.B. Hot dog 2,00
  Black Sabbath TV crimes 8,00
  Cole, Natalie Pink cadillac 2,50
U.K. Def Leppard Make love like a man 14,00
U.K. English Dogs Metalmorphosis 6,00
  Europe Halfway to heaven 6,00
  The Film Flam Gang Don't look into the future 1,50
DU Genesis Invisible touch 5,00
USA Georgio Lover's lane 1,50
FR Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel White lines (Don't do it) 2,00
U.K. Grandmaster Melle Mel From Miami Vice theme 2,00
  David Grant/Jackie Graham NL 1,00
NL Houston, Whitney Didn't we almost have it all 1,00
DU Houston, Whitney Greatest love of all 1,00
NL Iron Maiden Sanctuary 8,00
DU Iron Maiden Running free 9,00
DU Iron Maiden 2 Minutes to midnight 8,00
NL Iron Maiden Can i play with madness 8,00
  Iron Maiden The wicker man 10,00
  Iron Maiden Stranger in a strange land 20,00
NL Jones, Oran The rain 1,00
USA King Diamond No present for christmas 15,00
USA King Diamond The shrine 17,50
DU Krokus Tokyo nights 8,00
U.K. Mcauly Schenker Group Gimme me your love 8,00
U.K. Megadeath Symphony of destruction 11,50
NL Metallica The unforgiven 10,00
U.K. Napalm Death Mentally murdered 7,00
DU Narada Divine emotions 1,00
U.K. Rock goddess My angel 10,00
NL SOS Band The finest 1,00
  Slyfox Let's go all the way 1,00
U.K. Sugar Hill Gang Livin' in the fast lane 1,00
NL Total Contrast Takes a little time 1,00
NL Total Contrast Hit and run 1,00
DU Trouble Funk Woman of principle 1,00
FR UB40 Cherry Oh baby 2,50
NL Venom Acid queen 12,50
  Was Not Was Walk the dinosaur 1,00
NL Wee Pappa Girl Rappers Faith 1,00
U.K. Yellow man Strong me strong 1,00