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Rock/Metal Pop
Dutch Disco/Soul





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NL Abba Take a change on me 2,50
DU Abba Thank you for the music 4,00
DU AC/DC Thunderstruck 5,00
DU ABC The night you murdered love 1,00
USA Abdul. Paula Rush rush 1,00
DU Aha I've been losing you 2,00
DU Alphaville Jet set 1,00
DU Alphaville Big in Japan 1,00
DU Alphaville Sounds like a melody 1,00
NL Ant, Adam Puss 'n boots 1,00
NL Ant, Adam and the Prince charming 1,00
DU Ant, Adam and the Ant rap 5,00
NL Anya Moscow nights 1,00
NL Artists United Against Apartheid Sun city 1,00
DU Astley, Rick Together forever 1,00
DU Astley, Rick She wants to dance with me 1,00
U.K. Astley, Rick Never gonna give you up 1,00
DU Astley, Rick Take me to your heart 1,00
NL Average  White Band When will you be mine 1,00
NL Average White Band Let's go round again 1,00