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Rock/Metal Pop
Dutch Disco/Soul





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FR M Diggo I put a spell on you 1,00
FR MacNeal, Maggie Nothing else to do 1,00
NL MacNeal, Maggie Ooh! 1,00
NL MacNeal, Maggie When you're gone 1,00
DU Madness Wings of a dove 2,50
DU Madonna Open your heart 2,00
NL Massara, Pino Margharita 1,00
NL McCartney, Paul Ebony and ivory 1,00
DU McDonald, Michael Sweet freedom 1,00
DU McClean, Penny Lady bump 1,00
NL Medeiros Glenn & Ria Love always find a reason 1,00
NL Men At Work Down under 1,00
NL Michael, George Careless whisper 2,00
NL Michael, George I want your sex 2,00
NL Middle of the road Kailakee kailako 1,00
NL Miles, John Music 1,00
NL Milk & Honey Electric money 0,50
DU Miller, Ray Antoinette 1,00
NL Minogue, Kylie Tears on my pillow 2,00
NL Minogue, Kylie Better the devil you know 2,00
DU Modern Talking Brother Loui 1,00
DU Modern Talking You can win if you want 2,00
DU Modern Talking Geronimo's Cadillac 1,00
DU Modern Talking Cheri, cheri lady 1,00
DU Modern Talking You're my heart, you're my soul 1,00
  Mister Mister Is it love 1,00
NL Mud Show me you're a woman 1,00
NL Mud Nite on the tiles 1,00
NL Mud My love is you're love 0,50
NL Mud The secrets that you keep 1,00
NL Mud The cat crept in 1,00
NL Mud Rocket 1,00