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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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  Danzig Danzig II Lucifuge 15,00
U.K. Dark Angel Time does not heal 8,00
U.K. Death Leprosy 15,00
DU Death Live in L.A. (Death & Raw) 17,50
NL Death Angel Frolic through the park 7,00
DU Deathrow Raging steel 8,00
  Deep Purple Made in Japan 7,00
FR Deep Purple In rock 7,00
  Deep Purple Stormbringer 4,50
NL Deep Purple 24 Carat purple 4,00
NL Deep Purple Come taste the band 4,50
EEC Deep Purple The mark 2 purple singles 4,00
DU Def Leppard On through the night 6,00
NL Def Leppard Pyromania 7,00
NL Def Leppard Hysteria 6,00
NL Def Leppard Adrenalize 7,00
DU Deliverance Devils meat 8,00
  Demon Hold on to the dream 10,00
NL Destroyers A night of the lusty queen 8,50
DU Destruction Live without sense 6,00
DU Destruction Cracked brain 6,50
DU Destruction Release from agony 12,50
DU Destruction Release from agony 20,00
DU Dickison, Bruce Tattooed millionaire 8,50
BE Dio Where eagles blare 25,00
NL Dio Holy diver 7,00
  Dio Sacred heart 5,00
NL Dio The last in line 5,00
DU DVC Descendant upheavel 10,00