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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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  Magnum Marauder 6,50
DU Malmsteen, Yngwie Marching out 4,50
DU Malmsteen, Yngwie Trilogy 4,50
  Manowar Battle hymns 7,50
DU Manowar Sign of the hammer 8,50
  Massacre From beyond 17,00
  Massacre Corpse grinder 17,50
FR Mayhem Burned alive 16,00
BE Mccoy Think hard 15,00
NL Meatloaf Bat out of hell 2,00
U.K. Megadeath Peace sells... but who's buying 8,00
  Megadeath So far, so good so what! 8,00
  Megadeath Rust in peace 7,00
  Megadeath I kill... for thrills 15,00
NL Mercyful Fate Melissa 10,00
USA Mercyful Fate Don't break the oath 10,00
  Mercyful Fate Curse of the Pharaohs 45,00
  Mercyful Fate From the depth of hell 45,00
KOR Metal Churh The human factor 8,00
  Metallica Kill 'em all 18,00
DU Metallica Ride the lightning 8,00
U.K. Metallica Master of puppets 11,00
JAP Metallica And justice for all 20,00
NL Metallica And justice for all 9,00
  Metallica Angels from hell 20,00
DU Moore, Gary Victims of the future 4,00
DU Moore, Gary Empty rooms 4,00
DU Moore, Gary Run for cover 4,00
DU Moore, Gary Wild frontier 4,00
USA Moore, Gary Corridors of power 4,00
DU Moore, Gary Still got the blues 4,00
U.K. Morbid Angel Blessed are te sick 17,50
U.K. Morbid Angel Altars of madness 17,50
DU Morgoth Cursed 7,50
DU Motley Crue Too fast for love 5,00
  Motley Crue Shout at the devil 6,00
  Motley Crue Girls, girls, girls 6,00
DU Motorhead Overkill 7,00
JAP Motorhead Ace of spades 25,00
DU Motorhead No sleep 'till Hammersmith 6,00
DU Motorhead Another perfect day 8,00
DU Motorhead What's words worth? 16,00
NL Motorhead Rock 'n' roll 7,00
NL Motorhead 1916 7,50
CAN Moxy Under the lights 12,00
U.K. Myofist Thunder and rock 7,00