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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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USA R.E.O. Speedwagon Live You've got what you play for 8,00
FR Rage Out of control 4,50
NL Rainbow On stage 5,00
NL Rainbow Difficult to cure 5,00
DU Rainbow Best of Rainbow 6,00
JAP Rainbow Long live rock 'n' roll 20,00
IT Raven Wiped out 5,00
DU Raven Architect of fear 10,00
  Resistant Militia Living by law 9,00
  Rigor Mortis Rigor Mortis 7,50
DU Rose Tattoo Assault & battery 8,00
DU Rose Tattoo Scared for life 7,00
  Roth, David Lee Eat' em and smile 4,00
DU Running Wild Branded and exiled 4,50
DU Running Wild Under jolly roger 7,00
DU Running Wild Ready for boarding 7,00
DU Running Wild Port royal 7,00
DU Running Wild Death or glory 7,00
NL Rush A show of hands 6,00