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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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NL Sade Diamond life 2,50
DU The Searchers Sugar and spice 9,00
NL Seekers The best of the Seekers 2,50
NL The Shadows Rock on with the Shadows 1,00
NL Rene Shuman Rene Shuman 2,00
DU Paul Simon One trick pony 3,50
NL Simon & Garfunkel Greatest hits 2,00
  Simple Minds Once upon a time 2,00
NL David Soul David Soul 2,50
NL David Soul Playing for an audience of one 2,00
FR Steely Dan Countdown to ecstasy 3,00
DU Rod Stewart Every beat of my heart 2,00
NL Barbare Streisand Memories 2,00
NL Barbare Streisand Guilty 1,00
NL Billy Swan I can help 2,00