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Rock/Metal Pop
Dutch Disco/Soul





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DU Falco The sound of music 2,00
DU Falco Vienna calling 2,00
DU Faltermeyer, Harold Axel F 1,00
NL Fiction Factory Ghost of love 1,00
NL Finn, Tim Through the years 1,00
U.K. Fisher, Climie This is me 2,00
DU Five Star Let me be the one 1,00
NL Five Star All fall down 1,00
  Fox S-s-s-single bed 1,00
DU Fox, Samantha Do ya do ya (wanna please me) 2,00
NL Foxy Get off 1,00
NL Franklin, Aretha Freeway of love 1,00
NL Future World Orchestra I'm not afraid of the future 1,00