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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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U.K. A-II-Z The witch of Berkeley 9,00
DU Aaron, Lee Metal queen 5.00
U.K. AC/DC Dirty deeds done dirt cheap 4,00
U.K. AC/DC High voltage 5,00
U.K. AC/DC Let there be rock 4,50
U.K. AC/DC Powerage 5,00
DU AC/DC Highway to hell 5,00
NL AC/DC If you want blood, you've got it 5,00
DU AC/DC Back in black 4,00
DU AC/DC For those about to rock 5,00
DU AC/DC Flick of the switch 4,50
DU AC/DC Fly on the wall 5,00
DU AC/DC Blow up your video 4,50
DU Accept Breaker 5,00
DU Accept Balls to the wall 5,00
KOR Aerosmith Pump 5,00
NL Alcatrazz Dangerous games 7,00
DU Alice Cooper King Biscuit flower hour 30,00
DU Alice Cooper Love it to death 10,00
DU Alice Cooper Billion dollar babies 7,00
DU Alice Cooper Greatest hits 5,00
DU Alice Cooper Star collection 4,00
DU Alice Cooper Goes to hell 5,00
DU Alice Cooper Special forces 4,00
FR Angel Helluva night 10,00
  Angel White hot 7,00
NL Angel Live without a net 11,00
KOR Annihilator Alice in hell 8,00
NL Annihilator Never, Neverland 7,00
DU Anthrax Persistence of time 10,00
U.K. Anthrax Fistfull of metal 5,00
DU Anthrax Penikufesin 5,00
Anthrax State of Euphoria 6,50
Anthrax Spreading the disease 13,00
U.K. Armored Saint Saints will conquer 8,00
JAP Armored Saint March of the saint 27,50
Atomkraft Future warriors 10,00
DU Atrocity Hallucinations 10,00
U.K. Autopsy Mental Funeral 15,00
NL Anvil Forged in fire 5,00
Anvil Metal on metal 8,50