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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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DU Keel The right to rock 5,00
BE Killer Ready for hell 7,00
BE Killer Wall of sound 8,00
DU Killer Fox Going under 5,00
NL King Diamond Fatal Portrait 9,00
NL King Diamond Abigail 13,00
USA King Diamond Conspiracy 10,00
DU King Diamond Voodoo 18,00
DU King Diamond The graveyard 25,00
USA Kiss Kiss 5,00
  Kiss Hotter than hell 4,50
FR Kiss Ace Frehley 4,50
NL Kiss Crazy nights 4,50
USA Kiss Alive! 7,50
FR Kiss Destroyer 5,00
  Kiss Dressed to kill 5,00
USA Kiss Alive II 9,00
USA Kiss Double platinum 7,00
USA Kiss Dynasty 4,50
USA Kiss Peter Criss 4,00
FR Kiss Love gun 5,00
JAP Kiss Love gun 22,00
USA Kiss Rock and roll over 4,50
FR Kiss Rock and roll over 4,50
FR Kiss Gene Simmons 5,00
FR Kiss Paul Stanley 4,50
JAP Kiss Unmasked 25,00
NL Kiss Unmasked 5,00
DU Kreator Coma of souls 8,00
DU Kreator Renewall 8,00
DU Kreator Extreme agression 8,00
DU Kreator Pleasure to kill 9,00
DU Krokus One vice at a time 5,00
DU Krokus Heart attack 6,00