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Rock/Metal Pop
Dutch Disco/Soul





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BE Lazlo, Victor Last call for an angel 1,00
NL Leandros, Vicky Love's alive 1,00
NL Lear, Amanda Enigma (Give a bit of mmh to me) 1,00
  Legitimus 4 Papa's on the bottle 1,00
NL Les Humpries singers, The Mexico 1,00
DU Les Humpries singers, The It's timex time 1,00
DU Level 42 Weave your spell 1,00
DU Level 42 Lessons in love 2,00
NL Level 42 Hot water 1,00
DU Levert Casanova 1,00
NL Limousine Don't let love bring you down 1,00
NL Lion, Johnny Joanne 1,00
DU Little River Band The other guy 1,00
  Living in a Box Room in your heart 0,50
DU Logan, Johnny Save me 1,00
NL Loggins, Kenny This is it 1,00
NL Loggins, Kenny Welcome to heartlight 1,00
  London Cowboys It takes time 1,00
U.K. Londonbeat Falling in love again 1,00