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Rock/Metal Pop
Dutch Disco/Soul





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NL Sade Never so good as the first time 1,00
U.K. Sade When i'm gonna make a living 1,00
DU Santabarbara, The Charly 1,00
FR Sayer, Leo Why is everybody going home 1,00
FR Sayer, Leo Moonlightning 0,50
  Sayer, Leo Train 1,00
DU Secret Service Flash in the night 1,00
NL Shakin' Stevens A little boogie woogie (in the back of my mind) 1,00
NL Shakin' Stevens I'll be satisfied 1,00
DU Sharky, Feargel A good heart 1,00
U.K. Sharky, Feargel You little thief 1,00
NL Sharpe, Rocky Shout! Shout! (knock yourself out) 1,00
NL Sherbet If i had my way 1,00
NL Sherbet Howzat 1,00
NL Shorts, The Comment ca va 0,50
U.K. Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love missile F1 11 2,00
DU Simply Red The right thing 1,00
NL Sinatra, Frank To love a child 1,00
NL Spagna Call me 1,00
NL Spandau Ballet Fight for ourselves 1,00
NL Spandau Ballet Raw 1,00
NL Spandau Ballet Pleasure 0,50
DU Spandau Ballet Round and around 1,00
DU Spandau Ballet I'll fly for you 1,00
DU Sparks Girl from Germany 5,50
U.K. Sparks Tryouts for the human race 1,00
NL Springfield, Rick Don't talk to strangers 1,00
  Swan, Billy Don't be cruel 1,00