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Rock/Metal Pop
Dutch Disco/Soul





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NL Wallace collection Love 0,50
FR Warwick, Dionne Do you know the way to San Jose 0,50
DU Warwick, Dionne & Friends That's what friends are for 1,00
NL Wham Wham rap 1,00
NL Wham Young guns (Go for it) 1,00
NL Wham Freedom 1,00
NL Wham Last christmas 1,00
USA White, Barry You're the first, the last, my ever thing 0,50
DU Wilde, Kim The second time 7,50
NL Wilde, Kim Cambodia 1,00
NL Wilde, Kim Chequared love 0,50
NL Wilde, Kim View from a bridge 1,00
  Wings Whit a little luck 0,50