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Hardrock/Metal Rock
Progressive rock Pop





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DU Sabbat Dreamweaver 7,00
NL Sacred Reich The American way 5,50
NL Sadus A vision of misery 14,00
DU Saigon Kick Saigon Kick 6,00
FR Satan Jokers Les fils du metal 15,00
USA Savage Grace The Dominatress 15,00
DU Savatage Poets and madman 15,00
USA Savatage Power of the night 25,00
FR Saxon The eagle has landed 4,50
FR Saxon Strong arm of the law 5,00
FR Saxon Wheels of steel 4,00
NL Saxon Destiny 4,00
FR Saxon Crusader 4,50
DU Schenker group, Michael Assault attack 6,00
DU Scorpions Fly to the rainbow 5,00
DU Scorpions Virgin killer 7,00
DU Scorpions Lovedrive 4,50
DU Scorpions Tokyo tapes 8,00
NL Scorpions Blackout 4,50
KOR Shadow Gallery Shadow Gallery 50,00
DU Slayer Reign in blood 12,50
DU Sodom Persecution mania 20,00
DU Sodom Better off dead 8,50
DU Sortilege Metamorphose 10,00
  Status Quo On the level 3,00
NL Status Quo Rockin' around with 4,00
USA Steeler Steeler 15,00
U.K. Suicidal Tendencies How will i laugh tomorrow when i can't even smile today 8,00
NL Suicidal Tendencies Controlled by hatred 8,00
NL Suicidal Tendencies Lights camara evolution 8,00
NL Survivor Eye of the tiger 4,00
DU Survivor The best of 4,00